Host an event

Wes Anderson Fundraiser

Hosting an event for East London Cares is a fun way to raise vital funds for our community. Whether you’re organising a pub quiz, bake sale, karaoke night or craft workshop, you will be making hundreds of friendships between older and younger neighbours a reality, as well as raising awareness about the issue of loneliness and isolation in our city.

If you want to host a fundraising event for us, we'd love to hear from you. Email us to receive support and a free fundraising pack with branded resources, tips and more.

Raising money at work is a great way to fundraise beyond your friends and family and bring joy to the office! Whether you are an individual raising money on your own, or a group organising an event, we’ve got ideas in abundance! Here are a few to get you going...

Bring the kitchen to work

We know bake sales are an age-old fundraising favourite, and no one can resist a muffin or a slice of pandemic-perfected banana bread in the office! If you are looking to shake things up, you could even host a pot-luck lunch - everyone brings a dish and it’s £5 a plate.

Host a games night

Instead of after-work drinks, why not host a post-work games night. Everyone pays to play and enters a tournament of board games (the more games involved, the better). Who knows, it could turn into a regular event with an office trophy up for grabs!

Office sweepstake

Sweepstakes are so simple to organise and a fun way to connect with colleagues over a tournament or TV show. Whether it’s countries at the world cup or contestants on Drag Race, everyone in the office pays £5 to enter and draws a competitor out of a hat. £1 from each donation goes into the office prize fund, and £4 goes to tackling loneliness with East London Cares.

Universities are full of students who are ready to take on challenges and learn new skills. This makes it the perfect place to try out your most creative fundraising ideas - there really is something for everyone.

Share a skill

Are you a dab hand at pottery? Got a knack for knitting? Fancy yourself a macrame master? Why not host a workshop that students can buy tickets for. It is a great option for those who want to do something a little different with their evening, learn a new skill and meet people while taking part. It might turn into a monthly event, with different people leading each time!

Host a themed night

Get in touch with a local venue and put on the perfect student event. It could be a live music gig, a poetry evening, a dance night, or even a dinner - all in the name of charity. Raising money for charity is always a great way to sell tickets, so see if you can pair up with nights that are already popular, and collaborate.

Get silly!

We all need a bit of silliness in our lives. So why not throw it back to the days of baked bean baths, fancy dress and dance-a-thons. Find the busiest spot on campus and set the stage for a day of dares, challenges and games - the donations will follow! Remember to ask permission from your uni or union to fundraise on campus.

P.S If you’re part of a RAG and want to support East London Cares, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch for logos, resources and more.

We have plenty of ideas for you to get your mates involved in events that are good for the soul.

Host a themed dinner party

Get the gang around the table for a murder mystery, black tie event or fancy dress feast. Everyone can bring a dish and a donation for entry before tucking in. You could even have bonus fundraising games between courses!

Organise a clothes swap

The formula couldn’t be simpler. You pay a donation to attend, bring your pre-loved clothes, and leave with a new wardrobe. Good for the planet, great for raising money.

Start a chain of connection

This is inspired by an amazing fundraiser who decided to call 100 people that they hadn’t spoken to in years, and asked them to donate a small amount afterwards. Try something similar, and encourage those you speak to call someone else that they want to re-connect with. See how far the chain of connection reaches!