Catching up with some Love Your Neighbour friends!

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One year into my role as Love Your Neighbour Programme coordinator, it’s been wonderful to reflect and see so many new friendships flourish. Our Love Your Neighbour programme is all about the mutual benefits of intergenerational friendship, so I caught up with a few neighbours and asked them some questions about their friendships!

Martina Nelly Roman Road1

First up it’s Martina (79) and Nelly (41). The Hackney pals were matched in December 2021 and shared their favourite thing about being friends with one another. Martina shared: 

“What I like about our conversation is that there is a real dialogue, we share values, we can talk about any topics with enthusiasm and kindness. We focus on happiness and mental & physical wellbeing. I like the fact that on our call you are devoted to me and determined to help me."

I enjoy the fact that no subject is taboo and it’s a safe space to discuss anything we want and be ourselves. I feel I can learn from Martina and even though we come from a different background we can connect very well. My favourite part is our girly chit chat.” – Nelly.

Wh Kg Summer Party

Next up it’s Walter (91) and Katie (35). The Stamford Hill friends were introduced in March.

What's one thing you’ve loved learning/hearing about each other?

Walter: "It was interesting hearing about your travels to Berlin and that you saw the blue plaque dedicated to my [famous] father in law and took a photo to show me. It proved that my sometimes astonishing stories are true - it's not just my imagination! I like that you believe my stories and don't just think I'm imaginative or barmy!"

Katie: "It's hard to pick just one thing that I've loved hearing! Walter has lived such a fascinating life and is a master storyteller. From surviving a direct hit to his house during the Blitz, to flying Lancasters' during the Berlin Airlift, to working alongside West end stars as an employee of impresario Bernard Delfont, he's seen it all. But he's always humble and got a word or two to say about people how aren't, there's definitely no flies on him!"

Charlie Teresa Maccies

Last up, we have Love Your Neighbour mates Teresa (76) and Charlie (26), who have been friends for over nine months, they shared three words they would use to describe each other.

Teresa described Charlie as "Good natured, handsome B******, amiable  - very easy to get on with."         

While Charlie said Teresa was "Funny, has great phrases, kind, cares a lot."

Sinead Wilkinson

Posted by Sinead Wilkinson on Thursday 22nd September 2022

Sinead is the Love Your Neighbour Programme Coordinator, connecting older and younger neighbours through one-to-one friendship in Hackney and Tower Hamlets.