Social Clubs

East London Cares' Social Clubs are group activities taking place throughout the week, offering older and younger neighbours the chance to share time, laughter and new experiences that help everyone to feel a part of our rapidly changing city, rather than left behind by it. 

Clubs occur during week days, evenings and weekends and include dance parties, 'back to work' business visits, choirs, games nights, pub clubs, podcast clubs, events celebrating local history, and more.

Each club gives younger and older neighbours a chance to learn from one another, to laugh, to tell stories and to build the types of friendships and social networks that really matter. 

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Social clubs will be varied, fresh and exciting for all participants. That means the programme will always change: in the summer, we're all about BBQs and picnics; in autumn, we love Halloween and Diwali nights; in winter, we focus on movies and winter warmer events; and in spring, we will host Chelsea Flower Show bashes and Grand National Parties. 

Throughout the year, clubs will bring the amazing changing people and places around us – and culture and content from all over the world – to the table for older and younger neighbours to enjoy together. 

The purpose of our social clubs is to create a space for older neighbours often with deep roots in east London, but few connections, to share time with younger neighbours, often with hundreds of connections but no roots. That way, everyone can stay valued, vibrant and visible.

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To be part of one of our social clubs, please fill in the online signup form (the "Get Involved" button below the referral form) at the bottom of this page and one of our core team will be in touch really soon. 

From then on, you'll receive our monthly list of events at which you can join your older neighbours. 

And if you have a passion or an interest that you'd like to bring to the table for our various activities, please let us know!

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