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2019-2023: Social Clubs

East London Cares' social clubs were legendary. They were a combination of in-person, over the phone and Zoom group activities where older and younger neighbours meet up, enjoyed learning new skills, and shared conversations and experiences with each other. Ultimately, these shared experiences led to new relationships and trust.

The clubs were free and took place on weekdays, evenings and weekends – and included activities like quizzes, workshops, desert island discs nights, karaoke sessions, dance parties, script reading and choirs. 

Cuppa Concerts March 22

Our social clubs were as varied and fresh as possible and ensured that different clubs appealed to everyone. We were so proud when, in 2020, older and younger neighbours alike started to really lead these beautiful, regular group sessions – bringing their own experiences, skills, passions, hopes, fears and love to the community.

We made sure all our programmes, including our social clubs, were welcoming and safe spaces for all our neighbours and were proud to be part of the diverse communities of Camden and Islington that make North London such an exciting, interesting and vibrant place.

Between 2019 and 2023, East London Cares ran some 1,000 social clubs, bringing the amazing changing people and places around us – and culture and content from all over the world – to the table for older and younger neighbours to enjoy together.

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