Love Your Neighbour

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Love Your Neighbour is East London Cares' friendship matching scheme, bringing older and younger neighbours together to spend time one-to-one.

Older and younger neighbours are matched up based on location, interests and personality. They get together once a week and build friendships that help bring a little of the outside world in for neighbours who can struggle to get out. Younger neighbours can also support their older neighbours to get and about and enjoy all that Tower Hamlets and Hackney have to offer – whether that's the cinema, the theatre, or our brilliant parks and museums. 

The programme aims to bridge divides that can make London an isolating and lonely place for younger and older neighbours alike. Through conversation, company and companionship, younger and older neighbours can support one another to stay vibrant, visible and connected. It's mutually beneficial: younger and older neighbours share stories, advice, skills, laughter and new experiences. 

East London Cares' Love Your Neighbour programme kicked off in January 2020 and in response to Covid-19, had to change quickly to support friendships at a distance. Long-standing friends began calling one another regularly, including on FaceTime, and through our Phone a Friend project, new matches were made between younger and older neighbours who continue to speak regularly over the phone. 

The opportunity for phone friendship has now become a part of our core Love Your Neighbour programme offerso we’re no longer using the Phone-a-Friend branding. Through this programme older and younger neighbours will now have the opportunity to share a one-to-one friendship over the phone, in person or a mixture of the two. 

Interested in becoming a Love Your Neighbour volunteer but would like to find out more? Click here to read our Applicant guide.

If you have any questions about Love Your Neighbour, please get in touch. 

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