Challenge Fundraising FAQs

Whilst our dedicated fundraiser will be at the end of the phone or email ready to support you on your fundraising journey, they won’t be there for that 11pm epiphany. To remedy this we have put together a number of useful frequently asked questions to start you off. 

1. What happens if I don’t reach my target? 

All money raised is massively appreciated and we understand that committing to a specific target can be daunting. If you have a place with us and are struggling with your fundraising then please do get in touch. We have lots of experience with fundraising, and can give you some great advice, tips and fundraising materials to help you smash your target. Email [email protected] for further help. 

2. Why do we have a target?

Each charity place at an event represents a vital source of income for East London Cares and makes our programmes possible. By committing to a minimum fundraising target for a challenge event, you’re helping us to accurately project our income, plan our budget and secure our future. Also, while we purchase spots in events for our fundraisers at a discounted charity rate, the cost varies for each event depending on it’s popularity, how expensive it is to run etc. We therefore need to ensure that for each event, our challengers can raise enough to cover the cost of their spots and make a significant difference to our community. We have lots of creative ideas to help you on your journey to your target.

3. Where can I get a sponsorship form?

You can set up an online fundraising page via Enthuse, which will mean you don’t need a sponsorship form. For many of our challenge events, this will be generated for your automatically when you sign up. This is quick, simple, and saves the time and hassle of collecting offline donations and transferring to us.

That said, we know some prefer to give offline donations, and not everybody has access to the internet. You can download a sponsorship form here. You can then either pay into your own account and donate it to us online or send us a cheque. Unfortunately, we cannot accept cash donations directly. 

4. When do I get my t-shirt and Pin badge?

We want to kit you out in our East London Cares delightful blue sports tee to rep our community while you’re training and during your event! You’ll also receive a supporter Pin badge for you to rep East London Cares forever.  We will post your t-shirt once the registration fee for your event has been paid. You should have been asked what size you need and where we should send it to already - if you haven’t, get in touch with Rob. If your t-shirt / vest is the wrong size – you can change it. We would appreciate it if you could post or drop off the original running top back to us at the address below as it really helps us to keep costs down.

East London Cares15b St Margaret's House
21 Old Ford Road

E2 9PL

5. When does my money need to be in?

Some events have specific deadlines of when your target or a % of your target needs to be raised by. For all events though, we ask that you try to make sure you’ve raised at least 75% of your target at least two weeks before your event takes place.

Any money that you’ve raised on Enthuse will come through to us automatically. For off-line donations we would aim for four weeks following your event. 

6. Do you have any fundraising tips?

Tell your story - People give to people. Everyone loves a story, so be proud to tell yours. Use your fundraising page to share how you heard about East London Cares, why you support the charity and what it is about us that has inspired YOU to take on this tough challenge. Add a photo of yourself or the team who will be taking part. 

Fight the fear - Worried about asking friends and family to part with their hard earned cash, especially after a pandemic? Ask at the start of the month. People are likely to be feeling more generous around pay day. 

Asking directly - Don’t be afraid to ask people directly or to ask multiple times! Sometimes, friends and family just need a reminder.

Social media - keep people updated with your training in the run up to the event! Share videos and pictures on social media, and make sure to do a shout out for donations every time you post!

Thanking - Be sure to say thank you to everyone who supports you, be it with a high five, a text or even better, a shout out on social media. Other people will be inspired to give if they see their friends do the same.

On the day - During the event, or even for four weeks after, you can keep fundraising! Some people will be inspired when they see what you’ve achieved. Why not live stream your event on social media and include a donate link?

Match funding - Does your employer have a match funding scheme? Or could they support your fundraising with a donation? This could give your fundraising a big boost – and if you’re not sure, it’s always a good idea to ask.

Fundraising events - organise an event or activity at work, uni or in your community to support your fundraising and reach a wider group of people.Whether it’s a bake sale or a quiz night, there are any number of great ways to get the sponsorship rolling in. For ideas, check out . If you need advice, contact [email protected]