Social Clubs

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East London Cares' Social Clubs are group activities taking place throughout the week, offering older and younger neighbours the chance to share time, laughter, skills and new experiences that help everyone to feel a part of our rapidly changing city, rather than left behind by it.

Clubs take place on weekdays, evenings and weekends and include dance parties, 'back to work' business visits, choirs, games nights, pub clubs, podcast clubs, events celebrating local history, and more. Due to Covid-19 all of our social clubs are currently hosted online and over the phone, but they would usually be held in various locations across Tower Hamlets and Hackney. Each club gives younger and older neighbours a chance to learn from one another, to laugh, to tell stories and to build the types of friendships and social networks that really matter. 

To find out more or to take part in our social clubs, please fill in the form below and the team will be in touch really soon.

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