Our most inclusive programmes yet

Posted by Roxi Rustem on Friday 28th May 2021

As our face-to-face programmes return after more than a year, read about how East London Cares neighbours will be spending time together through our new blended programmes.

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Spotlight on Social Clubs

Posted by Rob Paterson on Wednesday 21st April 2021

We’re looking for a new Social Clubs Coordinator to join the East London Cares family, so we wanted to share some highlights from our Social Clubs so far and tell you all about the enormous difference they make to older and younger neighbours across our community.

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When Outreach Goes In

Posted by Sasha Khan on Friday 19th March 2021

Before Covid-19, a typical day for the Outreach team could look like anything - from talking with older patients in a GP surgery, to hanging out with younger neighbours at their workplace volunteering fairs to spread the word about our programmes. In our latest blog, we talk about how we adapted our programme so we could continue reaching out, while staying in. 

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Meet your Neighbours: Benny of Petticoat Lane

Posted by Sasha Khan on Thursday 18th February 2021

Despite never meeting face-to-face, our older neighbour Benny has been keeping the East London Cares team entertained with his stories about his 40 years spent working on Petticoat Lane market. In our latest blog co-written with Benny, he shares just what makes 'the lane' so special. 

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